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Akshar Dental | Smile Gallery in La Habra

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Smile Gallery

Invisalign Case 1

invi_case1a.jpg     invi_case1b.jpg

Before                                   After

The 14 year old patient lives in La Habra, CA and her parents wanted to improve her smile. Dr. Shah one of the best Cosmetic Dentist in La Habra found that both her upper and lower teeth there was crowding which resulted in a smile that had the appearance of crooked teeth. For adults, Lumineers could have been a viable option however, with this patient's age orthodontics are the best possible choice. There are two choices, traditional metal braces or Invisalign. Invisalign was chosen as the best cosmetic treatment option



Snap-on Smile - Cosmetic Dentistry

SOS_case1a.jpg     SOS_case1b.jpg

Before                                   After

This is a female patient living here in La Habra, CA. She is 40 years old and wanted a more affordable and painless alternative to veneers. With a quick examination, Dr. Shah was able to determine that Snap-on Smiles would be a viable  cosmetic solution to quickly improve her smile.


Snap-On Smile Case 2

SOS_case2a.jpg     SOS_case2b.jpg

Before                                   After

This is an 81 year old patient with a missing a tooth and broken teeth in the front. There are various options such as a bridge, partial denture or even dental implants. After reviewing the various options, we decided on using Snap-On Smile as it is a more conservative treatment to produce great aesthetic results.


Bonding Case 2

bonding_case2a.jpg     bonding_case2b.jpg

Before                                   After

This patient came from Costa Mesa, CA and is 22 years old. She was interested in an affordable restoration to close the gaps around her lateral incisor (tooth # 10). For this type of issue, there are various treatment options including veneers, lumineers, orthodontics, Invisalign and bonding. After some consideration bonding was chosen. The procedure took approximately 15 minutes without the use of needles or anesthesia. Composite material (tooth colored) was used to achieve natural looking results for an improved smile.



Teeth Whitening - Case 1

teeth_whitening_case1a.jpg     teeth_whitening_case1b.jpg

Before                                   After

Your teeth can become discolored due to drinking coffee or tea, smoking, even medications and age. In about an hour, you can erase all of this discoloration, and walk out with a whiter, brighter, and healthier looking smile.


Teeth Whitening - Case 2

teeth_whitening_case2a.jpg     teeth_whitening_case2b.jpg

Before                                   After

Here whitening was successful in fixing a very dark stain on a single tooth as well as improving the overall color of the rest of the smile.


Teeth Whitening - Case 3

teeth_whitening_case3a.jpg     teeth_whitening_case3b.jpg

Before                                   After

In this example, whitening was used to make a great smile even more brilliant and beautiful.


Composite Fillings - Case 1

composite_fil_case1a.jpg     composite_fil_case1b.jpg

Before                                   After

With composite, tooth colored fillings, we can eliminate those unsightly silver-black fillings with a more conservative, aesthetic option.


Composite Fillings - Case 2

composite_fil_case2a.jpg     composite_fil_case2b.jpg

Before                                   After

Here is another example of composite fillings and how this 'metal-free' solution is a more pleasing option.



implants_case1a.jpg     implants_case1b.jpg

Before                                   After

Example of using implants to replace missing teeth.



ortho_case1a.jpg     ortho_case1b.jpg

Before                                   After

Example of an adolescent ortho case which took 24 months to complete.



bonding_case3a.jpg     bonding_case3b.jpg

Before                                   After

This is an example of bonding used to repair chipped tooth that was caused by a fall.



veneers_case1a.jpg     veneers_case1b.jpg

Before                                   After

Example of porcelain laminate veneers.



crown_case1a.jpg     crown_case1b.jpg

Before                                   After

With composite fillings, we are able to transform broken, unsightly teeth, into natural healthy looking teeth.

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